Dressed To Kilt 2009 Fashion Show

by ARIEL MOSES · March 31, 2009

    [Photos by MICHAEL PLUNKETT for PMc]

    Check out our write up from Dressed to Kilt HERE.  Now, read all about what went on behind the scenes below.... Backstage at M2 (which ended up being the Pink Elephant main room), scotch was flowing and models, stylists, make up artists, and Scotsman alike chatted up a storm, surrounded by enough plaid to make Blair Waldorf blush. Speaking of Gossip Girl, Jessica Sohzr snuck in passed photographers to hang out with boyfriend Ed Westwick. Fresh from her vacation with Ed, Jessica hung out in Sean Connery’s tier during the actual show, very clandestine, and stunning as per usual.

    Afterwards, Ed and Jessica went backstage to hang out with a bunch of friends who watched the GG badboy strut his stuff. Liam McMullan walked the runway with partner in crime, Henry Stimler, Even the Pink Elephant himself, kilt laden and all, closed the show by strutting his stuff down for the applauding crowd. I got to spend some time with infamous Kenley Collins, who was super sweet and wearing one of her own creations, along with fellow designer Leckie Roberts who helped put the show together alongside Geoffrey Carroll, Sarah Bradford (who modeled Vivienne Westwood), the always entertaining Izzy Gold, David Chines, Sebastian Bland, a very scantily tartan-clad Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen, Elbi Askin, Steven Kaufman, and of course- all my favorite judges, including Corynne Steindler, Rachelle Hruska, Anisha Lakhani, Devorah Rose, and Peter Davis. Celebrity sighting of the night?: the Geico Caveman, I would say watching him get styled was even more fun than Ed (who “had to have his wrist bands” in order to go out on stage). It was a ridiculously fun night, and both front of and backstage were filled with laughter, dancing, and of course…tartan!