Easy On The Eyes: GQ, Louis Vuitton Applaud Men Of Style!

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · December 3, 2008

    [Peter Hunsinger, Eric Ripert, Dan Abrams, Ed Westwick, Eric Mabius, Daniel Lalonde. Photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc]

    Yesterday a celebration for the Men of Style was held at the main NY Louis Vuitton store. As Mel DeBarge took care of the music, guests mingled around stacks of Louis Vuitton books and issues of GQ, while model-handsome waiters served simple crisp drinks from artistically set-up trays. Among the attendees was our favorite Gossip guy Ed Westwick along  with people like Amy Erbesfeld, Peter Hunsinger, Dan Abrams, Eric Mabius, Richie Rich, Daniel Lalonde and Eric Ripert, most of whom donned Louis, of course!

    More photos below

    Dan Abrams, Ed Westwick

    Mark Mullett, Britt Sponzo, Keith Bloomfield

    Peter Hunsinger, Amy Erbesfeld, Jim Moore, Daniel Lalonde

    Daniel Lalonde, Dan Abrams, Ed Westwick

    Heather Vandenberghe, Amy Erbesfeld, Brendan Monaghan

    Eric Ripert, Heather Vandenberghe, Daniel Lalonde Peter Hunsinger