Everlane ReNew: The Chic & Sustainable Collection You'll Feel Good About Wearing

by Christie Grimm · November 5, 2018

    Affordable quality cashmere, ethically sourced denim you'll be too happy to live the rest of your life in, and a radical transparency that has them revealing the complete cost breakdowns of each product, with no hidden mark-ups, Everlane has always been a company that's undeniably good for you. But with their new collection, they're shifting towards being a company that's just as good for the environment.

    Launching ReNew, outerwear with an outlook, the brand's marketing campaign has proven an education of and solution for the ever-pressing global problem of plastic. Distributing facts like: There are 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet. And once it’s made—it never goes away. 

    With a commitment to ensure no new plastic in their entire supply chain by 2021, the ReNew collection is just the first step in a long plan to overhaul the company and its footprint. They plan to replace all synthetic fabrics with renewed materials, replace all virgin plastic poly bags with renewed versions, and eliminate all single-use plastic from their offices and stores.

    The ReNew Lightweight Puffer, a chic staple every closet needs, is made from 15 renewed plastic bottles. The ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt, a cozy piece you'll have to force yourself to stop wearing everyday, is made from 35 renewed plastic bottles.

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