Everyone At This Party Wants To Kill You. Or Is Possessed.

by Chiara Atik · September 15, 2009

    Clicking through the pictures of Friday night's Ruff Club at The Annex is really frightening, because, no joke, EVERYONE looks like they want to kill you, or is being controlled by someone who is very, very good at voodoo. It's like a horror movie where the zombies are disguised as humans, and you don't know if your BFF is actually being possessed by a blood sucking evil spirit or something. Click below and see for yourself.

    [Check out the full gallery at Nicky Digital].

    She wants to kill you.

    She is possessed.

    He wants to kill you.

    He is possessed.





    Really wants to kill you.

    Really possessed.

    Wants to kill you with this speaker.

    Who is pulling the strings here???

    Possessed AND wants to kill you!

    Seriously, is this guy ok? Can someone check?