Fashion Icon Anna Sui Spills On Her Nostalgic-Chic Collab With St-Germain

by Celine Bossart · January 12, 2022

    Remember those plastic beads we used to arrange on spiky little boards of different shapes and sizes before using a hot iron to fuse them all together, making a larger bead formation that served no real purpose at all? If you existed during the Greatest Decade of All Time, by which I obviously mean the ‘90s, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’m pleased to report that perler beads (or fuse beads, depending on your preferred jargon) are back and actually useful thanks to Anna Sui and her iconic collaboration with St-Germain, an elderflower liqueur lovingly referred to as the Bartender’s Ketchup thanks to its reliable ability to just make things taste better sometimes.

    Sui’s nostalgic tote, which she designed specifically for the uniquely-shaped St-Germain bottle and is available on ReserveBar, is proof that magical things happen when fashion and booze collide. Here, we chat with the style legend herself about the collab and all things celebratory.

    What inspired you to embark on this foray into the liquor world?
    The theme for my last show was “Another Day in Paradise” and I wanted to create a tiki lounge. Of course, in a tiki lounge you must have cocktails, so it was just such a natural fit to partner with St-Germain and create such a beautiful Anna Sui-inspired cocktail, The Paradisiac, with featured ingredients like hibiscus ginger beer, fresh lime juice, butterfly pea [flower] tea, and, of course, St-Germain!

    What do you personally love about St-Germain?
    I love St-Germain and often find myself adding a dash of it to most of the cocktails I make at home. I am drawn to the floral flavor and think they do a great job of not making it too overpowering. The bottle is also a work of art and a must-have for anyone wanting to add some beauty and glamour to their bar at home.

    What was your vision for the bag itself and how did it come together?
    We started working on jewelry and little earrings. Then, gradually the earrings became chokers and even bigger pieces like body chains. Then one day we were thinking it would be great to have a water bottle carrier and then once that was made, we thought it would be even more chic to have a bottle carrier for a liquor like the St-Germain bottle because its so beautiful, and it’s a great way to show it off.  

    Any other favorite St-Germain cocktails you could share?
    Though I love any spritz or traditional cocktail with a dash of St-Germain, I would have to be biased and say my favorite St-Germain cocktails are the ones I co-created [with St-Germain National Brand Ambassador Earlecia Richelle), The Paradisiac and Pear Social. As mentioned above, The Paradisiac was created to accompany my “Another Day in Paradise” Spring/Summer ‘22 collection and is perfect for those looking for a tropical getaway. The more recent Pear Social is perfect for [celebratory] gatherings, as it is a batched recipe for eight and features all the flavors I know and love like pear, citrus, and absinthe. 

    Do you like to host at home? If so, what’s your usual approach?
    Yes, I often invite my friends over and we order Chinese takeout because they know I know all the best dishes. For the most recent party, I changed up the dinner and ordered from two different Chinese restaurants, so the menu was very diverse and had all my favorites! I would recommend sharing the food you grew up eating.

    The old adage of never going to someone's home empty-handed is always relevant—why is the Anna Sui x St-Germain set a great option to consider for a hostess gift?
    The tote that we’ve created is the ultimate holiday hosting gift. I mean, what a glamourous way to present a beautiful bottle of liquor! Not only will you have something to carry the liquor in but then you will have something to show off, and the bottle fits perfectly!

    Lastly, any other recent projects you can tell us about?
    I just had my “The World of Anna Sui” exhibition open at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC last month. This is the sixth city it’s been in, but since I wasn’t able to visit the last two locations due to COVID, it was the first time I had seen it in over 2 years! The museum team did such a great job of personalizing the show to their space.

    [Photos via Anna Sui x St-Germain]