Fernando Brízio Creates Renewable Art

by guestofaguest · June 30, 2008

    Fernando Brizio [Images via Designboom]

    Post written by Ashley L. Simko

    Fernando Brízio has translated his Painting with Giotto series (#3 shown above) into wearable art for Italy's Flexibility: Design in a fast-changing society event, which kicked off this weekend.

    "The topic of the exhibition – flexibility – gave me the chance to find again one of these ideas that were still unsolved. This enabled me to create open objects that, like a programme, can be modified, erased and restarted multiple times."- Fernando Brízio

    More story and photos below....

    Appropriately titled "Renewable Clothing", each white dress boasts multiple pockets to (vertically) hold uncapped felt tipped markers. Once the markers are placed, it takes less than 2 hours for the colorful ink splotches to form. Conveniently, the dresses can also be washed after each wear to provide a blank canvas for the next occasion.

    Fernando Brizio, Renewable ArtFernando Brizio, Renewable ArtFernando Brizio, Renewable Art