FilmAid Benefit: A 'Reel' Good Cause

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · April 10, 2008

    christy thurlington [Christy Turlington speaks at last night's FilmAid Benefit]

    Last night, Capitale was filled with film-o-philes, film makers, film producers, celebrities, models, philanthropists and otherwise fun and great looking people to celebrate FilmAid’s Power of Film Benefit Gala. FilmAid seeks to project hope and change lives through the power of film. “Annually, FilmAid reaches over one million displaced people through the power of film while enriching lives with educational and entertaining messages which have been proven to help heal and rebuild communities.” []

    Keep reading for more about this event and photos...Several known personalities were honored for their work in bringing some really complicated issues to the silver screen in a very heartful and tasteful way. Films that document subjects like: life in refugee camps, violence, youth struggles and women’s issues were previewed. FilmAid takes relief to the next level by bringing the reality of suffering to global attention so that people’s stories are shared and learned from. Honorees for their work with FilmAid included Danny Glover, Valentino Achak Deng, Lisa Ling and Sean and Andrea Nix Fine.

    Guest of a Guest mingled with great people like FilmAid founder and co-chair Caroline Baron and husband Anthony Weintraub, Christy Turlington, Katrina Pavlos, Prince Pierre D’Arenberg, Kate Lenahan, David Anton, Christa Carr, Susan Shin, Emma Snowdon-Jones, and Nick Dietz.