Football Or Fashion?

by guestofaguest · February 4, 2008

    gisele at rag and bone

    [Photo via the Cut]

    Scores of hot models and sexy fashion connoisseurs stayed true to their love, and opted out of watching last night's super bowl for fashion show commitments. Gisele, of course, had to book it down south after the Rag & Bone show she attended on Friday. Do you think she's pissed that she had to miss the start of fashion week and all the fabulous after parties this weekend? After her man Brady failed to seal the deal for the Patriots, did she book it back to New York and the tents at Bryant Park? We're sure everyone will be on the look out for her this week, it must be tough for Brady, having his girlfriend be a bona fide New Yorker. Alas, no one likes to nurse the wounded, and Tom is definitely feeling blue today. If Gisele WAS smart at all, she would get her ass back up to New York, where spirits are high and people are dressed in fashion to kill.