Four Beauties At Bloomingdales

by ANISA HASANI · July 9, 2008

    Bloomingdales, Scent of a womanScent of a Woman (or Four) Last evening Bloomingdale’s was merrier than most of us were for Coldplay’s sold-out Madison Square Garden concert as they introduced the new Estée Lauder fragrance Sensuous. Reaching for the buzz effect, it gathered a frenzy of cameras, four leggy beauties, and a crowd of sweaty shoppers who had been deprived of the celeb-watching high resulting in a short-lived event that lacked cri de coeur.

    Following a $75 purchase of the perfume that my mother would alarmingly push away, I reached the hot zone where I was rushed in front of the table and gone in 6 seconds. Long enough to say hello to Gwyneth [Paltrow]-- who replied with a sweet smile-- catch a glimpse of Hilary Rhoda’s fuzzy dark mustache (although still beautiful), peek into the eyes of Carolyn Murphy and nothing from Elizabeth Hurley, I was out of there quicker than a sneeze escaping your nose.

    A favor to a friend who is a maniac with a habit of collecting autographs, the two hour wait twisted my nerves and brought a rush of blood to my head (sorry, Coldplay!). Bloomie's endeavor perhaps deserved an F but I did my good deed for the day and believe you me, so did those of you who accidentally did not have an opening in your schedule! Now that is what I call serendipity.