French And American It-Girls Make Their Debut At Plaza Hotel

by Chiara Atik · May 11, 2009

    [Sarah Cook, Laurent Van Hassel, Natalie Phillips. All photos by JP PULLOS for PMc] International débutantes were presented in the presence of the French Ambassador at the Sixty-Eighth Annual Bal Des Berceaux, held this past Friday at the Plaza Hotel. The ball is hosted each year by French-American Aid For Children, which funds programs for disadvantaged children in both the United States and France. This year, the ball honored Renaud Dutreil, Chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc. Among the debutants were Sigourney Weaver's daughter, Charlotte Simpson and Dr.Mehmet Oz's daughter, Arabella Oz.

    Arabella Oz, Nate Dickey-White  Christine Dutreil, Renaud Dutreil

    Carla Somnolet, Kristina Klebe, Alexandra Somnolet

    Irma Lunderman, Bill Lunderman   Adrian Deseglise, Christina Locurcio

    Elizabeth Cros, Isabel Mann, Jean-Claude Cros, Lolita Cros

    Sigourney Weaver, Charlotte Simpson    Emily Herrold

    James Weinhoff, Julia Flatto           Faustine Dutreil

    Christopher Sharp, Robert Babbage, Nate Dickey-White, James Weinhoff, Jean-Guillaume DeBray

    Laura DeBray, Jean-Guillaume DeBray    Ley Salceto, Thomas Serrano