"Gay Is The New Straight, Friends Are The New Family" Lessons Learned At NYC Social Events By Scott Buccheit

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · March 24, 2009

    [The Eldridge's Naeem Delbridge poses for cameras]

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    Recently I swore off partying early in the week, it is too hard to start the week with a hangover. Despite this pledge, I still had two events to attend last night to support my colleagues. The first was the Crush Fanzine party at Envoy Gallery, which features work by Crush's co-creator, Artwing's own Nicolas Wagner. Nicholas's work is featured worldwide in such publications as Flaunt, Seventeen, and Tetu, as well as campaigns for Lucien Pellat-Finet and Hawke clothing. Crush will be a quarterly publication that examines the intense moments of one's obsession. The obsession of the first issue was model King Arthur. King was in attendance with other well wishers and fans including Tim Hemeter, Migel Villalobos, Khary Simon and Jules Julien.

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    The second event was the after party for the premier of the film, "The New Twenty." The event was hosted at Norwood by our dear friend Mr. Patrick Duffy. The tagline of the film is "Gay is the new straight, friends are the new family." You can check the trailer out HERE. After sharing a diet coke with the director Chris Mason Johnson and stars Ryan Locke (former model for Gucci and DKNY) and Larissa Polonsky, I hightailed it out of there. I was home on the couch in time to watch the "real" New York-Gossip Girls!