Georgette Mosbacher Hosts A Private Party For The Publication Of Michael Gross's "Rogue's Gallery"

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 8, 2009

    [Georgette Moscbacher, Michael Gross. All photos by Zach Hyman for PMc] Last night Georgette Mosbacher, CEO of Borghese, hosted a  party for the publication of Michael Gross's "Rogues Gallery," which tells the "secret story of moguls and the money that made the Metropolitan Museum of Art.The entertaining and unauthorized study of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a follow up to Gross's successful novel, 740 Park which also explores the intriguing intersection between the city's elite and its' philanthropic and cultural institutions.  Appropriately, literary lights and socialites mingled yesterday evening at a private residence to toast the new book and its author.

    Alison Mazzola, Jay McInerney, Nicole Miller

    Heather Higgins, James Higgins