Giorgio Armani Visits FIT

by Rachelle Hruska · May 12, 2008

    Giorgio Armani, the Fashion Institute of Technology

    World-renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani spoke to 300 students at the Fashion Institute of Technology during his visit to New York. Mr. Armani answered students’ questions on topics ranging from inspiration and creativity to success in the marketplace. Each student received a specially-designed Armani t-shirt.

    Giorgio Armani made a special trip to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) last Tuesday to speak to students during his whirlwind trip to New York this week. Mr. Armani stayed to sign autographs after his talk. Seeing how handsome he looks (at 74!) caused my mind to spin....

    ...I am currently very happy to be a woman, and I like embracing all things that go along with what this means. This was not always the case, as my parents can confirm, I was possibly the biggest Tom Boy within at least a 20 mile radius. I had broken bones, scrapes, and accidents (not excluding crashing our car when I decided as a 7-year-old that I was old enough to drive). If it weren't for the matching lace dresses that my mother draped me and my sister in, and the long blond curls that were always mangled in knots, you would never know that the soul I started this adventure called life was actually a boy's. So...I came into the world as a boy, and I hope to leave it as an old man.

    Giorgio Armani, the Fashion Institute of Technology

    Old men have more fun. End of story. There is something about the spirit of a man after 60 that just makes you feel good in its presence. Like, HE MADE IT. Somehow this guy managed to get through the "almost deadly accidents" of adolescent stupidity, the frat hazings, and the stressful career searches, and he's still here. Stuck around throughout it all anyway. And 9 times out of 10, he still looks good. That's the thing about men, they age well. These photos of Giorgio Armani signing autographs at FIT, one day after hosting the famous MET Ball only reminded me of the fact that, although I want to be all girl for most all my life, it'd be nice to try on the male card for a bit at the end of it all.

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