Gossip Girl's Bad Girls Play Nice At Love Heals

by LIZ ADAMS · February 12, 2009

    [Amanda Selton, Dreama Walker aka Penelope and Hazel. Photos by SHAUN MADER for PMc]

    Tod's and W Magazine hosted a benefit party for LOVE HEALS Wednesday evening. Guests tried on Tod's new "Key to Your Heart" jewelry collection, shoes, and handbags while they sipped cocktails in honor of Love Heals, a charity empowering your people to make informed choices and education about HIV. Guests included: Gossip Girls Amanda Setton (Penelope) and Dreama Walker (Hazel), Jim Downey, Kiane Von Mueffling, Lisa Anastos, Rene Goulet, Alison Brokaw, and Kristian Laliberte.

    More photos of this event below...

    Lisa Anastos, Jennifer Gerry, Jose Maria Trullos, Alexandra Vidal

    Brooke Magnaghi, Nina Lawrence, Sophia Chabbott, Kiane Von Mueffling

    Nina Lawrence, Marco Giacometti, Meredith Honet

    Rene Goulet, Kristian Laliberte