"Green Goes With Everything"

by Rachelle Hruska · October 2, 2008

    [Sloan Barnett teaching Melainia and Donald Trump, and Jeff and Caryn Zucker about how to be green. Photos by NICK HUNT for PMc]

    Purple may be the new hot color for fall, but "Green Goes With Everything" and Sloan Barnett is making sure we are on track with her simple steps to a healthier life and a cleaner planet.  Her newest book is "A must-read for anyone who cares about the health of their family and our wonderful blue planet. Sloan has done a lot of background investigation to support the incredible information that is given in a very reader-friendly and engaging style."-- Professor Wangari Maathai, Winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, and founder of The Green Belt Movement.

    More story and photos below:

    Supporters of Sloan's green style came out last night to celebrate her book at a party hosted by Caryn & Jeff Zucker.  Donald and Melania Trump were there along with Roger Barnett, Doug Liman, Josh Berstein, Carol Mack, Danielle Ganek Sandy Golinkin, Steven Mnuchin, Heather Mnuchin, Mark Gilbertson, Marisa Noel Brown, Gigi Mortimer, Catherine Aaron, Lisa Jackson, Greer Hendricks, Judith Curr, Lisa Anastos, and Paul Hurley, among others.

    Jeff Zucker, Caryn Zucker, Sloan Barnett, Greer Hendricks, Judith Curr

    Sloan's 10 Simple Steps for a Greener and Healthier Home:

    1. Start by replacing a bunch of your cleaners (your general spray cleaner, glass cleaner, counter top cleaner, floor and bathroom cleaners) with a natural, nontoxic all-purpose cleaner. You will only need one to do that. Really!

    2. Replace your laundry detergent with a natural nontoxic one so the clothes you wear and the sheets you sleep on have no fumes for you to breathe.

    3. Go to your bathroom and read the shampoo, makeup and moisturizer labels. Ask yourself, “Do I really need scent in these products?” Take stock of all of your other products and try to replace one a week with a safer, greener choice.

    4. Use BPA-free plastic baby bottles and fill them with breast milk or organic formula. Choose powdered formula over canned formula to avoid BPA leaching from the can-lining.

    5. Pay attention (without freaking out) to the toys you buy for your kids. Avoid lead paint and soft plastics that contain phthalates.

    6. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid processed food. Even better, choose organic and locally grown meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

    7. Try to get the plastic containers out of your kitchen and replace them with glass containers.

    8. Make a vow to stop buying bottled water—NOW. Instead, buy a water filter pitcher and keep two in your fridge at all times.

    9. For cleaner and healthier air, open your windows once a day when the outside temperature is comfortable.

    10. When buying new stuff for your home, focus on green products especially mattresses and carpets.

    Carol Mack, Danielle Ganek, Sandy Golinkin

    Gigi Mortimer, Catherine Aaron, Lisa Jackson

    Doug Liman, Josh Bernstein

    Lisa Anastos, Paul Hurley

    Caryn Zucker, Sloan Barnett, Josh Bernstein, Marisa Noel Brown