Gridlock Denim Celebrates New York City Launch

by KENDRA SEAY · September 23, 2009

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    Looking for a new pair of denim blues? Apparently, so are a few New York socials and many other Le Souk-loving New Yorkers as Kristian Laliberte, Tia Walker, and many others stopped by the hookah lounge Tuesday night for Gridlock Denim's Coterie 2009 Launch Party... So what's the stylistic mission behind Gridlock Denim? Well in case you didn't know, "single-style jeans are so passé" and the brand aims to set themselves apart from other high end denim by giving there owners the chance to switch their look up a bit, one pocket at a time. The back pockets are interchangeable so you can alternate between embroidered, leather trim, suede, and yes, for the wild child within, there's even zebra and cheetah prints.

    Tia Walker, Kristian Laliberte