Guest List Of Little Ones For The Cookie Magazine KidsFest For Free Arts NYC

by KENDRA SEAY · November 17, 2008

    [Patrick McMullan, Brooke Shields, Kim Raver. Photos by NICK HUNT and Patrick McMullan for PMc]

    Sunday was an awesome day to be a kid in New York as Cookie Magazine teamed up with hosts, Kim Raver and Mary Alice Stephensen for KidsFest for Free Arts NYC at the Urban Zen Center. The event catered perfectly to the ever-so expressive New Yorker and their tiny tot in tow as guests got the chance to play and create all day with some of NYC's top artists including, Donald Baechler, Andre Charles, Michael DeFeo, Will Ryman, and Katie Brown. City kids are hard to please so graffiti art, build-a-city LEGO fun, and vinyl spin turn-table art was only the start of the festivities. 

    More story and photos from this event below...

    There was also a live performance by David Weinstone and The Aardvarks Band and family portraits on sale by ANTM's Nigel Barker and Patrick McMullan. Grown-ups and their little ones included Cynthia Rowley, Jackie Feltes, DJ Coleman, Colette Astier, Liam McMullan, and Brooke Shields.

    Cristen Chin, Jack Barker, Nigel Barker

    Colette Astier, Jackie Astier, Manon Astier, Donald Baechler, Lance de la Reyes

    Bond Feltes, Jackie Feltes, DJ Coleman

    Carolyn Kremins, Brooke Shields, Pilar Guzman, Mary Alice Stephenson

    Bond Feltes, Andre Charles

    Patrick McMullan, Brooke Shields, Liam McMullan, Kim Raver

    Lance de la Reyes

    Aardvarks Band