Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Met Gala Outfit

by Christie Grimm · May 1, 2017

    Apparently, nothing comes between Gwyneth and her Calvins. This afternoon, surely shut up in some fabulous hotel penthouse, with makeup artists and hair stylists and assistants swirling around, the ever perfect person that is little miss Goop Instagammed this sentimental throwback pic.

    Captioned, "My first ever Met Ball in 1995. #calvinklein #fullcirclemomentcomingup," it seems we can expect a simple, sleek Calvin Klein moment from Gwyn this evening. How far will the "full circle moment" go? Considering how stunning her woman in white look was, when the theme was Haute Couture, we can only hope for a total redo.

    [Photo via Getty, @gwynethpaltrow]