"Hard As Oak" By Oak NYC

by Rachelle Hruska · May 22, 2008


    It's when Racked brings our attention to stuff like this that we remember why we love them so much in the first place. The "hipstery boutique" Oak just released their biannual store magazine and I took the time to extract the only photos that you really care about seeing....the ones from the "Hard As Oak" spread. You have to admit it's cleaver advertising at the very least. So is the YouTube they feature on the front page of their site (above) which is very first video from Lykke Li, and which I am becoming borderline obsessed with. I would have taken more from of the shots from that PDF file, but lets face it, these are the only photos that you really care about seeing. Alas, your boss probably won't so I'll feature below:


    oak : manhattan 28 bond st. new york, new york 10012 +1 212 677 1293

    oak : williamsburg 208 north 8th st. brooklyn, new york 11211 +1 718 782 0521

    oak : park slope 668 president st. brooklyn, new york 11215 +1 718 857 2080