Harriman Cup 25th Anniversary: The End Of Summer Does Not Mean The End Of Polo

by JUSTINE BENISCH · September 21, 2009

    It was a beautiful day for polo this past Saturday, and the alums of UVA and Yale (along with their many, many friends) didn't waste a second in breaking out their patterned pants, popped collars and wicker picnic baskets to mark the occasion. The Harriman Cup celebrated its 25th year at the Meadowbrook Polo Club in Old Westbury, LI with a full day of tailgating, dancing, and, of course, a little polo. Alums and polo-goers chilled out field-side rocking Knockaround shades who kept everyone stylin' in free sets of wayfarer sunglasses while J. McLaughlin goodies were up for grabs during the raffle... Attendees cheered on the two teams while mingling with the other guests in the tailgate tents set up for the occasion, and once the match was over (Yale emerged victorious) they took a spin on the tented dancefloor to tunes provided by band Tor and the Newcomers. Can't think of a better way to celebrate the coming of fall.