Hayden Panettiere Premieres Her New Movie In New York City And Drives Teenage Boy Hormones Wild

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 8, 2009

    Hayden Panettierre [Hayden Panettiere. All photos via Getty Images] Hayden Panettierre looked like the fantasy of every teenage boy's dreams at the premiere of "I Love You Beth Cooper" at AMC Lincoln Square last night in New York City. The almost 20-year old Panettierre came out for the NYC showing of her latest flick about a nerdy valedictorian who professes his love to her character during his graduation speech and gets exactly what he asks for -

    - one wild night with the most popular girl in school. Sounds a little racy for high schoolers, but than again, this is the day and age of Gossip Girl. The premiere, hosted by Seventeen magazine, also included Hayden's co-stars Josh Emerson and Jack Carpenter. But we have a feeling that in her white, one shoulder dress by Andy & Deb and contrasting black shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, no one was paying much attention to the boys.

    Hayden Panettierre Jack Carpenter Hayden Panettiere, Jack Carpenter

    Hayden Panettierre Hayden Panettiere

    Ann ShoketLarry Doyle Ann Shoket, Larry Doyle

    Hayden PanettiereCassidy Gifford, Kathy Lee Gifford Hayden Panettiere, Cassidy Gifford, Kathy Lee Gifford

    Josh Emerson, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Carpenter Josh Emerson, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Carpenter