HBO Throws Party For TV Premiere Of "The Windmill Movie"

by Chiara Atik · October 29, 2009

    [All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]. HBO hosted a party last night for Alexander Olch's new documentary, The Windmill Movie. Guests included Erin Fetherston and Bob Balaban, who appears in the movie along with Wallace Shawn.

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    The movie seeks to tell the life story of Richard P. Rogers, a filmmaker who died tragically early. Ochs, who is Rogers' former student, pieced together the documentary using Rogers' raw footage and interviews with friends Shawn and Balaban. The event was held in a private home.

    Erin Fetherston, Sam Bassett Bryna Butler Nell Rebowe,

    Carlos Quirarte, Bonnie Morrison, Matt Kliegman Lily Stroud, Hunter Gray

    Jake Perlin, Alexander Olch, Bob Balaban  Megan Bowman, Brie Welch

    Eva Cocco, Kelechi Odu Brady Corbet, Brandy Brechbiel

    Catherine Thompson, Assitou Lea Jennifer Murray , Alexander Olch, Jamie Johnson

    Antonia Thompson, Tarajia Morrell  Anna Sheffield, Natacha Polaert