Horses Are Apparently Very In For Fall...

by Christie Grimm · October 4, 2016

    'Tis the season. That time of month when, just as the leaves change, newsstands turn over a new leaf of their own - defining the October days to come. An exciting time when we are met with creative visions, fashionable edits, and spreads so interesting, so full of buzzwords, one can't help but pull the trigger and spend that $5 against their better judgment (because really, if you're not paying the incredibly slashed yearly subscription rate, you're daft as all get up).

    And so, what a surprising sight that two such prominent titles, under the same publishing umbrella no less, would allow such silliness. 

    Apparently no one over at that silver tower of magazine gold that is Hearst talks to each other anymore. That or horses are so in this fall that Town & Country and Harper's Bazaar simply had no choice but to choose such laughably similar cover shots for their November 2016 issues.

    Either way, many a question arrises. 

    Did Stellene Volandes (T&C Editor in Chief) do a respectable solid and give Harper's Bazaar a heads up? 

    Did the secretly equine loving Glenda Bailey have her heart too set on Gigi Hadid as an 18-year-old Taylor Swift fairy tale album cover of a photo to change? Though, it must be noted, not even Taylor has been so silly as to go all the way and pose with a white horse. 

    Is this some subliminal marketing message tagging T&C as the elegant, refined, older sister of the fantasy loving, adolescent Bazaar?

    Have you ever seen two people look more dead-in-the-eyes serious standing next to ponies?

    Can you imagine riding a horse in either of those ensembles?