How Do You Become Famous In Two Weeks? Take Your Clothes Off And Dance, For One.

by Chiara Atik · August 27, 2009

    Do you know who Michelle Joni is? No? Yes, well, she's trying to change that, in a quest/publicity stunt to "Become Famous In Two Weeks Or Less", based on the rules in a book written by some not at all famous lady. Step one? Become a Burlesque dancer at Citrine and invite PMc to cover it! More, uhm, colorful photos and story below...

    Michelle is listing all the steps she is taking to become famous on her website, so that we can all become famous in two weeks, too. It's easy! All you have to do is meet DJ Coleman, pay top-dollars to have a hair and makeup artist make you perfect every day, and, like, eat a Gogi Berry smoothie or something. And that's it! You'll be famous, no accomplishment or talent necessary!

    Is it really that ground-breaking that wearing skimpy clothing and providing people with alcohol will get you attention?

    [All photos by JONATHON ZIEGLER for PMc].

    Michelle Joni Lapidos, Roly Szegi. This is the kind of dancing my High School Principal warned us about.

    Anita Cookie, Clams Casino, Gigi La Femme, Precious Little

    Alex Topkins, Sam Hamadeh        Matthew LeVien, Karin Hoesl

    Michelle Joni Lapidos, Alex Glen. Don't look know, Michelle, but there is a man trying to bite you right behind you.

    Sam Hamadeh, Brayden McCarthy

    James Brown, Brandon Rubendall  Rachel Schneer, Brice Starr

    Ferrari, London, Vladimir Zobachev

    Veronica Varlow, Michelle Joni Lapidos   Samantha Hollinger, Erica Taylor

    Run Around Sue, Madame Rosebud. ("My name is Run Around Sue, but you can call me Run...")

    Ray Abouarab, Quentin Hernandez, Brian Cato

    Roly Szegi, Lady K, James Pamphile