Ideeli Fashion The Newest Coveted Online Membership

by THERESA WON · July 23, 2008

    IdeeliIn a perfect world, everyone would be able to dress in designer apparel, eat at five star restaurants, and go home to their beautiful Christian Bale look-alike boyfriend (minus the possible assault allegations). A third of my dreams have come true as I received an email from Billion Dollar Babes announcing that Ideeli is accepting members.

    If that last sentence just sounded pretentious, it's because it totally is, but completely worth the mockery of any friends who have yet to become slaves to fashion labels.

    If you don't know what Ideeli is, it's a website officially launched about six months ago that sells designer items for up to 90% off. The trick is that they keep the sales a secret and sell one item at a times because of their limited inventory (due to the heavy discounts). Members get a text or an email at the time of the sales launch. For $6.99 a month, you can be a 1st row member which means you have access to the sales a week ahead of time or can register for giveaways and hour before. And there are giveaways...beautiful giveaways ranging from RayBan sunglasses to Yves St. Laurent bags. Naturally there are more of the former to be given away, but the chance to win a $1000+ bag is not a bad deal.

    You can become a member through invitations from organizations like Billion Dollar Babes or ask around--people who are already members are allowed to invite others. If Ideeli starts giving away designer clothes and rent controlled apartments, it might just become the best site in the world.