Inside Nicky Hilton's Insane Handbag Collection

by Christie Grimm · February 5, 2019

    'Tis a charmed life for Nicky Hilton. A charmed, well-accessorized life. 

    Yesterday, the hotel heiress chatted with Saks on IGTV (which we still don't really understand), going through the details of her très impressive personal handbag collection. 

    A self professed handbag junkie, Nicky's expensive habit all started with that iconic, big black Kate Spade tote that everyone sported back in the day, which she bought from Saks (seamless promotional tie-in). From there, things evolved in quite the different, eclectic, sparkly direction. Her number of monogrammed handbags alone are enough to make you think she may have a serious issue remembering her name. There's a monogrammed Sara Battaglia bag, 2 Edie Parker Nicky emblazoned lucites, 2 Judith Lieber NHO clutches. 

    And then there's the Chanels. She's got a vintage ultra mini Chanel bag that's more like a key ring charm which she got from her mom. She's got a sequined mini Chanel bag too small to fit a phone. She's got a quilted, black and white striped Chanel with a pearl strap.

    From there, there's an Oscar de la Renta black clutch with a bejeweled flower, a mini Louis Vuitton steamer trunk bag her husband got her for her birthday, an oversized red snakeskin number in the shape of lips, and, as one does, a bejeweled cat handbag.

    Needless to say, things are going pretty well for Nicky Hilton.