Interview with Abigail Lorick

by guestofaguest · October 4, 2007

    abigail lorick

    We can smell a good thing from miles away, and lately, we've been sniffing out newcomer designer Abigail Lorick. Former Ford model and designer for T.S. Dixin, this southern belle is (mark our words) "the next big thing".

    Guestofaguest Interviews Abigail Lorick:

    What did you want to be when you "grew up"? A social worker or a Fashion Designer.

    What was your childhood like? I grew up on Amelia Island, in Florida. I had a great time growing up there, but I decided I wanted to Live in New York at 12. I redecorated my room frequently and started reading Vogue at 11.

    Your line has a lot to do with being a "lady" yet we get the feeling it's a more relaxed version of the "Southern Bell" idea, explain what your inspiration is, where it comes from, and what a Lorick Lady means to you. One day I was leaving Amelia to come back to New York and I quickly stopped by my grandmother’s house to say goodbye. I did not have time to go inside but just to give her a kiss at the door. She looked at me and said, “wait”. She ran inside and came back with a scarf that held 4 different shades of blue. She tied it around my neck and then said, “don’t ever leave the house without a little bit of color”… She is an inspiration. As for the “Southern Belle” reference, yes, I am a fan of Miss O’Hare. She never took anything too seriously and I think that is important.

    True style is not just about the clothes; it is a way of being. The Lorick Lady’s decorum naturally transcends her wardrobe, but she would never overlook her attire.

    What are the pros and con's about living in New York? I love the variety of people. I miss the ocean sometimes, running on the east river- kind of helps.

    What was it like modeling for Ford? It was wonderful working for Ford, they are a great agency and really took care of me.

    What's the most exciting place you've been to? I am in love with India at the moment.

    Where was the best party you've ever been to in New York? I have to say Francois’ Karaoke night at Cipriani. Jamie Foxx sang back up to Proud Mary, while I was Tina Turner.

    Other than Fashion, what are your passions or hobbies? Surfing, big dogs, fishing, painting, anything having to do with the water, I like to hit golf balls sometime.

    What is a personal conflict you've had that you struggle with? Well, it would not be so personal if I told you?

    What do you think the new "fashion" trend will be? Lorick is about timelessness- We do not do electric blues and exposed zippers.

    What is your greatest Vice? Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Where are some of your favorite places in the city? Anywhere while riding my bike, the Ronny Brook Milk Bar, roof tops.

    What's the craziest thing you have ever done? Je ne sais pas.

    What was it like before Lorick Lady, you were at T.S. Dixin? what did you learn from that experience and how did you decide it was the appropriate time to branch out on your own? I learned so much. Basically how to design, produce, and sell a collection. I went from the factories to the floors. Being that Dixin was so small- I had to learn to do everything. I knew it was time to branch out when my production manager called me and proposed that I design my own collection.

    Who do you admire? Martin Luther King Jr. and Miuccia Prada.

    Top 4 songs on your ipod? Lansing-Dreiden, Two Extremes Nina Simone, Sinner Man Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zeroes, Track 04 Violens (pronounced vy-lenz)

    What are you most afraid of? Hmm-don’t really think about that.

    Who are some of the most interesting New Yorkers you've met? Alex, my shoe repair man, who never fails to tell me he loves me and always reminds me to marry a man that does not drink too much. Sometimes you can catch him on Friday afternoons drinking coronas with the postman. Mademoiselle Loa, who always wants to sing French cabaret with me in the lobby of our building, sometimes she kicks her legs up, and she always wears red lipstick usually a bit smeared.

    What do you think is the most important character trait in someone? Faith.

    What do you think is your best trait? Being positive.

    What is one of your favorite articles of clothing? Your favorite design? The La Dame Trench coat.

    What do you wear to bed? Oh wouldn’t you like to know.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A Huge Lorick Atelier, filled with marvelous people who love working, including our team from India.

    How did Gossip Girl come about and what did you think of it? I am good friends with the Costume team. They knew I was launching my first collection. They proposed the concept of having LORICK be the collection behind the Eleanor Waldorf Collection to the producers. And the rest is history. I have had a great time with the Gossip Girl team. It was fun being on set.

    Who's style do you admire? Miss Taylor Thomas.

    What does Fashion mean to you? Playing dress up.

    On the new series Gossip Girl, the lead character Blair's mom plays a clothing designer seemingly inspired by Carolina Herrera. Next week's show will feature a runway of her character's collection, which is in reality, Ms. Lorick's creations. And people are talking. Inside word is that Lorick herself makes a cameo on the show. Yes, having your first collection debut on one of fall's most anticipated new shows helps, but after interviewing the young designer, we think Abigail shines on her own.