Is The Armani Era Over, Or That Of American Fashion Elite?

by AMANDA MELILLO · February 22, 2008

    armaniIt would appear from the news of late that the New York fashion elites are experiencing some strife with European fashion designers, more specifically the Italians, and more specifically still, Armani. First Armani said he was indifferent to Anna Wintour while standing next to her on stage, which had fashion followers gasp so fast they started choking, although as we pointed out, that was Armani's way of stating that he didn't hate her expensively adorned guts. And this was probably because Wintour said the Armani era is over, which could have easily provoked an attack on her famous bob haircut she's been sporting the past few decades.

    The latest New Yorker to receive the Armani snub is Times critic Cathy Horyn, who was DISINVITED to his Milan show. Oh, snap. Apparently he wasn't too keen on what she had written before his Paris show, feeling she had insulted his family and friends in her description of the pre-show Armani players. However, Ms. Horyn suggests that it MIGHT be because he didn't like what she had written about his actual clothing designs. In true Italian style, in which life can be more melodramatic than an opera, journalists turned this into headline news in a way to capture any gossip columnist or tabloid editor's heart. Clearly she just pisses everybody off, since she she hasn't been on the guest list for Dolce and Gabbana either.First Wintour, then Horyn.

    Either Armani is in denial that his era is over, or the Italians are ready to put those New York-based publishers that thinks themselves reigning queens of the fashion world in their places. After all, the dollar is weak compared to the Euro, so it's not like they have to target American markets with the same gusto as, say, Chinese and Russian markets that are gaining momentum along with disposable income. Roberto Cavalli even had the satisfaction of hinting that European designers could pull advertising from American magazines after Wintour asked to have Milan fashion week shortened due to the exchange rate. (The universe, and by that I mean New York, got him back, since he probably has Hepatitis from Ashton Kutcher's Socialista birthday.) As Americans tighten their belts and wallets, maybe the European fashion world is breathing a sigh of relief that they can deliver a few backhands to the ones they formerly had to impress.

    [Armani's "Suprise Attack On Wintour"]