Italian Big Wigs Toast Angels & Demons High Above NYC

by MELLISSA SEECHARAN · May 12, 2009

    [Angels & Demons Cocktail Party. All photos by JONATHON ZIEGLERfor PMc]

    Italian fashion house, Brioni, hosted a cocktail party for the highly anticipated movie, Angels & Demons, last night atop RAI Corporation in NYC. The event brought together some of Italy's big wigs, including Brioni's head honcho Paolo Torello Viera, television personality Malba Ruffo di Calabria, actress Marisa Lauriot, RAI's chairman and CEO Fabrizio Maffei, and others. Throughout the movie, Tom Hanks searches for the killer of four papal candidates while decked out in Brioni suits. Looks like Hanks is giving Christian Bale's Armani-wearing Bruce Wayne some serious competition. Angels & Demons, the sequel to 2006's The Da Vinci Code, hits big screens this Friday.

    Paolo Torello Viera, Jordan Ringel, Nelsa Ringel

    Mara Hatzimemos, Marcella Sciorro, Monia Venturini, Sarah Flack

    Franco Schipani, Piero Pedrini, Marisa Laurito, Giulia Pessina, Giulio Borrelli

    Craig Page, Jennifer Price, Franco Schipani, Paolo Torello Viera

    Franco Schipani, ?, Marisa Laurito, Renzo Arbore, Melba Ruffo di Calabria, Console Talo

    Paolo Torello Viera, Melba Ruffo di Calabria, Paul Favale, Alison Sturm

    Peter Greene, Bev Greene, Generoso Foglia


    Francesco Losconi, Serena Zandegu, Paolo Torello Viera, Todd Barrato

    Mari Mura, Andrea Barbaria, Midori Inagaki