It's National Pasta Day, And You NEED These Farfalle Earrings!

by Christie Grimm · October 17, 2019

    Have you ever in your life seen something so cheeky and chic?! Hostess extraordinaire Chefanie Nass has an entire line of entertaining must-haves, from tabletop pieces to major fashion moments. And this National Pasta Day, she has got you covered!

    Heading out for a date night at Carbone? In love with pasta and not afraid to flaunt it? Her Swinging Farfalle Earrings are the perfect accessory for any pasta enthusiast (and really, who doesn't love pasta? Fake gluten intolerances aside). And why let the fun stop there? For a maximalist, matchy look, the ultimate outfit recipe calls for a dash of Farfalle Barrettes

    Embrace your inner entertainer, and take a page right out of Chefanie's book by hosting your own pasta party! From a tasty tablescape and mouthwatering menu to eco-friendly straws that are actually strands of bucatini, Chefanie's simply thought of all the pasta-bilities. 

    [Photos courtesy Chefanie Nass]