“It’s NOT about the Clubing”

by guestofaguest · September 12, 2007


    Yesterday, writer Spencer Morgan from the New York Observer wrote about his time spend with the "Princesses of Prince St."   Here are some our favorite take aways from the article...

    So what goes on in this cramped little room in the wee small hours? Pillow fights? Endless boy talk?

    “No, we don’t talk very much about boys, we have enough problem of our own,” she said.

    Political discourse?

    “No, we’re girls, we are not talking about politics,” she said. “Sometimes we talk about shows we have done. Every morning, we talk about what clothes to put on.”

    Nice, way to give aspiring models something to look forward to...It continued:

    Over on the couch sat Tanya Chubko, the oldest girl in the house at 20. She wore all black and was chain-smoking while playing solitaire on her laptop. Her red hair was pulled back, exhibiting those big blues Nastya so admires.

    “I love New York, it’s totally my city, It’s not about clubbing or drinking, it’s all about people around you. Even on the street eating ice cream, you can have more fun than going to club getting drunk.”

    From what we know about the models under 20 coming here and being cramped into apartments, this bit about not caring about "partying" is just laughable (see above photo).  Might as well do it while your young girls, and don't try and cover it up with icecream-we know that's bullshit too.