Russian Nostalgia

by guestofaguest · September 11, 2007


    It's (still) fashion week, which means the Russian brother/sister pair Valentine and Olga Rei are showing up on the scene everywhere.  They were the "masterminds" behind, remember that shallow site that used to be available for the social girls to debut themselves?  We will be the first to admit that we miss Social Rank.  We are dying to know who the #1 girl has been this fashion week and we miss the scientific approach they used to determine such. Park Avenue Peerage has NOT done any kind of job replacing the Russians.  That site is a small glimpse at Patrick with some funny commentary now and then.  Also, the guy's lazy, posting material from events that happened days prior.  We missed the Marc Jacob's after party at the Armory last night and the neutrality of the other site's coverage on the week are boring us.  We are becoming nostalgic for Social Rank's no holds barred take on things and would welcome them back with open arms.