It's Time To Fingerpaint Kids!

by Rachelle Hruska · May 29, 2008

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan

    When Emmett and James host a party, they don't mess around. Last night's Fingerpaint event in the ginormous space on 22nd street was honestly the most fun I've had at an ART event in this city. Ever. It's the kind of relaxed, unpretentious-yet-extraordinarily-hip environment that I would want my to see my own art displayed in, (were I capable), and one that is rare to find. The guys are amazing in that they managed to get every detail of the evening perfected without making it feel like a scripted party. Even the somewhat annoying heat and smoky air seemed fitting...adding to the ambiance of the scene.

    And, what a scene it was! It is quite rare to see all of the most fashionable representatives from the gay community mixing with men like the sculpted Martignetti brothers. The girls were all there too. From the "cool" Alexa Rad and Alexandra Richards, to the posh Leven Rambin and Miguelina Gambaccini, to the fabulous Charles Lorum, Eric Spear, and Keith Lissner. There were just too many who who's for me to name, and it's actually shouldn't be an important part of this post, as no one bothered to care who was who.

    But, because Doug is so good to me, he quickly jotted out the following names:

    Erika Christensen, Keith Lissner, Adam Franzino, Russell James, Kristen Davis, Trevor Owsley, Chau Ngo, Kristian Laliberte, David X Prutting, Alexandra Richards, Naeem Delbridge, Mark Hernandez, Miguelina Gambaccini, Logan Elsass, Jennifer Vitagliano, Fat Jew (of Team Face Lift), Vanessa Parker, Scott Buccheit, Timo Weiland, Douglas Marshall, Seth Baer-Harshy, Tiana Cornelius, Paul Johnson-Calderon, DJ Nick Cohen Jules Hartley, Joseph Turian, Bryan Levandowski, Kelley Hoffman, Summer Rej, Derek Lloyd, Nick Haramis, Johnny Famous, Ramona

    What a night!

    Photos will continue to be uploaded to the gallery as the day progresses!