Jacquelyn LaCroix, Sweet Southern Belle, Shows Us Her Sweet Treats

by Rachelle Hruska · July 31, 2008

    Jacquelyn LaCroix Trunkshow [Jacquelyn LaCroix Trunkshow]

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    Jacquelyn LaCroix, a sweet southern belle from Louisiana hosted a trunk show to showcase her handbag line.

    Jacquelyn LaCroix's handbags are all titled with French names, stemming from her French heritage. Currently, JoJo and Kelly Ripa each have one of her handbags. Whether it is a simple, elegant clutch with embossed leather or a bag with a decorative chain, all of Jacquelyn's handbags have a flair for spontaneity and fun, yet stays functional and indigenous.

    Jacquelyn LaCroix TrunkshowJacquelyn LaCroix TrunkshowJacquelyn LaCroix TrunkshowJacquelyn LaCroix