Kaitlin Parry Celebrates Birthday In Style With Roast Pig And Electric Violins

by Chiara Atik · August 25, 2009

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    Ok, so we're starting to sense a trend here...Sarina Suno is quickly becoming New York's number one electric violin player. Last week she played on the tables at Kiss N'Fly, and this week she serenaded Kaitlin Parry at her Alcohol Anonymous Birthday Party at Double Crown on Bowery. More story and photos below...Attendees inlcuded model Branden Rickman, Lord And Taylor heiress Emma Richman, and DJs Paul Jurczyk and Amir Abdellah. In addition to enjoying the musical performance, guests were treated to two roast pigs which were carved by the birthday girl herself. Unlike the apparently popular violin performances, we doubt pig carving will become a popular NYC party activity, but props for creativity!

    Amir Abdellah Kaitlin Parry          Alec Jahncke Christian Stork

    What girl doesn't want a pig for her birthday?

    The guy in the middle got a little pig on his shirt...