PR Maven Kelly Cutrone Serves Up Motorola's Aura At Dinner Party

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · December 10, 2008

    Kelly CutroneChrissie Miller, Peaches Geldof [Kelly Cutrone with the Aruas, Chrissie Miller and Peaches Geldoff. Photos by ZACH HYMAN for PMc]

    The SoHo Grand was the place to be if you wanted to get your hands on a Grand new item- Motorola's artistic and luxurious new Aura mobile device. It was presented by People's Revolution and as part of a beautiful sit-down dinner party. Kelly Cutrone handed out these fine phones on trays to guests that included Charlotte Ronson, Peaches Geldoff, Chrissie Miller, Mick Rock, Dani Stahl, Neel Shah, and many more fashionable New York based darlings.

    Nina Clemente, Zani GugelmanDani Stahl

    More photos below

    Peaches Geldoff, Mick Rock Peaches Geldoff, Mick Rock

    Charlie Walk, Drew Lipsher Charlie Walk, Drew Lipsher

    Charlotte Ronson, Chrissie Miller Charlotte Ronson, Chrissie Miller

    Damien Tkach, Neel Shah Damien Tkach, Neel Shah

    Kelly Cutrone, Molly Sheehan, Maya Singer Kelly Cutrone, Molly Sheehan, Maya Singer

    Jen Brill, Tara Subkoff Jen Brill, Tara Subkoff

    Hana Soukopova, Alex Wang Hana Soukopova, Alex Wang

    Chrissie Miller

    Yigal Azrouel, Zani Gugelmann Yigal Azrouel, Zani Gugelmann