Lacoste Celebrates The Other Half

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · August 14, 2008

    jasmin and ramona singer [Jasmin Rosemberg with Ramona Singer]

    Last night, Lacoste and the New York Times had a party at the Lacoste Store on 56th and Madison to celebrate Jasmin Rosenberg’s novel How the Other Half Hamptons …..Meanwhile, I was experiencing ‘How the other half waits in line OUTSIDE’ thanks to the security guard manning the door. My attempt to get in went something like this:

    Doug: I’m press, I need to get in there. Doorman: Sorry you have to get in the end of the line like everyone else. Doug: I’m press, I need to be in there to get the scoop. Doorman: Can I see some ID? So I show him my license Doorman: I need a PRESS ID. Doug: There is not a universal ID that press people carry. Doorman: You will have to wait in line and you should have gotten here sooner. Doug: I can’t cover the party from outside; I need to be in the party.

    (Meanwhile, there wasn’t even a guest list for the party, so I’m not sure how a “press ID” would have expedited the situation.)

    Anyway, right about that time, my golden ticket Rachel Heller came from inside the party to usher me in.


    More photos and story below:

    jasmin and brittanyWe love Rachel Heller – actress Rachel Heller that is – she’s kind, funny, pretty, smart and was decked in fabulous Lia Sophia Jewels (always a plus). She found her biggest fan in me when she gave the security guard the hand and explained I was needed inside. Mind you, I’d only met Rachel once at Jill Zarin’s 4th of July. So she’s genuinely the real deal to have helped me out.

    Inside, I got a chance to hear Jasmin read excerpts from her expertly crafted book on the perils of sharing a house with 40 twenty-somethings. The book has been one of the most celebrated stories of the summer; which by the way, Jasmin just got back from LA after shopping series rights for TV. That’s right; this juicy book will inspire a new series. This is why I like Jasmin: She so humbly thanked all her friends and family for their support and explained that this was a dream come true, as she has always wanted to become a novelist. I want this girl to go for the gold.

    lacoste-3582My hassle to get in was worth it after getting the chance to catch up with TV personality Brittny Gastineau (in awesome Alice+Olivia dress), PMc’s Chance Yeh (who for once was enjoying the party rather than shooting for it), Shadow PR’s Ali Lasky, Paul the photog from the NY Time and the author herself, Jasmin Rosenberg.

    The party was fun, friendly and festive. I snuck out in just enough time to pick up some new pieces for my fall ensemble so that I can dapperly prepared for fashion week rather than looking like last season’s excess baggage. As I browsed in H&M, I thought to myself, I should write a book on how the other half dresses.

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