Lara Helene Bridal Celebrates INSEAM

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · September 15, 2008

    vaughn massey lara meiland kathryn bohannon rachel wolkowitz maggie katz [Vaughn Massey, Lara Meiland, Kathryn Bohannon, Rachel Wolkowitz, Maggie Katz. Photos by Chris O'Leary]

    New York's brides-to-be, some hopefuls, and all who love fine design headed to Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier to celebrate the bridal brand's feature in INSEAM, a documentary series that explores the real life business of up and coming designers, hosted by Eric Villency. The documentary records the professional and personal lives of the design duo of Lara Hélène: Lara Meiland in New York and Lisa Hélène Meiland in London.

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    More story and photos below:

    The hosts included Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, Carrie Cloud, Di Petroff, Vaughn Massey, Kathryn Bohannon, Maggie Katz, Rachel Wolkowitz, and, to add some male glamour, Kristian Laliberte. The ladies were all wearing their own custom evening gowns designed by Lara Hélène to honor the occasion.  Veuve Cliquot provided champagne to toast the occasion.

    eric villency lara meiland

    Eric Villency, Lara Meiland

    samantha benerofe andtwocottonlarahelenecocktails Samantha Benerofe

    party scene The party

    jon fascitelli and melanie charlton fascitelli Jon Fascitelli, Melanie Charlton Fascitelli

    kathryn bohannon melanie charlton fascitelli and maggie katz Kathryn Bohannon, Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, and Maggie Katz

    rachel wolkowitz carrie cloud Rachel Wolkowitz, Carrie Cloud

    lesley schulhof Lesley Schulhof

    mook cho eric villency

    Mukang Cho, Eric Villency