"Last International Playboy" A Decadent Look At Being Lost in NYC

by SARAH MANDATO · June 11, 2009

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    Last night, "The Last International Playboy" premiered at AMC Empire 25, followed by a Bordello after party at Hudson Terrace. The independent film featured many a scantily clad model enabling a love-sick playboy author's depression as he mopes, drinks and parties away evening after lost evening in NYC. These long-legged beauties also graced the glamorous red carpet. A sparkling Lydia Hearst (sans bicycle) led the pack, her recent city bus movie tease ads having finally given our lazy, taxi-loving selves a reason to embrace public transportation.Also on hand were the movie's stars: Jason Behr, Mike Landry and India Ennenga. An official selection of the Slamdance, GenArt, Newport Beach and Oxford International Film Festivals; this decadent, resonant look at feeling lost in the big, bad city is not-to-be missed