Lauren Conrad And Lindsay Lohan Set To Singlehandedly Revive Our Economy, One Legging At A Time

by Rachelle Hruska · September 18, 2008

    lindsay\'s leggings"We suppose that after the success of Lindsay Lohan's leggings line this shouldn't be such a surprise, but Lauren Conrad's collection is selling so fast it might singlehandedly revive the economy. " [Racked]

    Lauren Conrad seems to be following Lindsay's lead. Lindsay Lohan's Leggings came complete with absurd knee pads and sold off the shelves in record time.  This even during the hottest summer months, when leggings aren't exactly in season.  We hear that people are still on waiting lists to buy these puppies.

    This is like the modern day war effort.  Except instead of pantyhose for parachutes (WWII), it's leggings and overpriced cotton wrap dresses.