Lingua Franca's New Love Rules! Collection Is Perfect For V-Day

by Stephanie Maida · February 5, 2018

    The fashion girl favorite known for their outspoken political phrases and iconic "I miss Barack" sweaters has just released a fanciful new collection just in time for Valentine's Day, and, as always, it provides a stylish way to give back.

    Little known fact? LF and GofG share a founder (hi, Rachelle!) and an office space, so we get a firsthand look at all the hand-embroidered action and the inspiration behind it. One of the most colorful people on the Lingua Franca team is Jacob, who Rachelle describes as a "brilliant unicorn" (seriously, follow him - and his alter ego - on Instagram right now). He's the mastermind behind these limited edition new designs, embellished with beaded patchwork hearts (created BY HAND!) by Jacob himself.

    "I have always been attracted to embellishments - beads, sequins, crystals - the shinier the better!" he says. "When I was going through my apartment I had all these tiny swatches of amazing novelty fabrics that I couldn't bear to throw away, so I decided to make patchwork patches out of them - adding crystals and sequins of course! This was the result of that... hoarding, I guess you could call it? I've always been inspired by people like Thierry Mugler and The Blonds, so this is a way to add a little bit of glamour to everyday life."

    Cashmere plus a completely one-of-a-kind patch that sparkles? Glamour is definitely an understatement.

    Available in three colors, the Love Rules! sweaters are made to order and (the best part!) $100 from each purchase goes to The Center, New York City's leading LGBT community center.

    What a perfect way to spread the love this February.

    Buy them HERE!