Lot's Of Funny Faces...No Boners In Site

by guestofaguest · March 31, 2008

    making faces [Model Agyness Deyn with Misshapes' Jackson Pollis and Geordan Nicol]

    More pictures from the event, taken by Single Threat

    Normally when there are mammoth video screens flashing up shots of hot guys dressed in skimpy underwear, one would assume they are in a cruisy gay bar in Chelsea. No, not tonight…We were a bit further downtown; oddly enough, at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. And the scantily clad guys weren’t up on screen to act as a catalyst to get horny guys to buy more drinks and then go home with each other. The video screens flashing these buff gents were the subject of a video art installation by photog-artist, Jeremy Kost entitled "Not Yet Titled (Making Faces)", 2008.

    You may know him as the Polaroid picture taking scion, but for this exhibit his tool of choice was the video camera; capturing still shots of male models (only in underwear) making funny faces. It was erotically playful and goofy – I kind of loved it. And I think having four large screens (think 15 feet tall by 7 feet wide) switching up images of these hotties every couple of minutes kept the mood light and fresh.

    When I asked Jeremy what his inspiration for the exhibit was, he explained that it was inspired by Bruce Nauman's "Studies for a Hologram". Whereas Bruce manipulated the body to say something or make a statement, Jeremy feels like his video stills are “deconstructing beauty with child-like actions laced with a sexual backdrop”.

    To give you an example of one of the stills, there was a muscular guy only in white briefs, with an adorably boyish face sticking his index fingers into the corners of his mouth pulling out the sides in an exaggerated way and tilting his head…kind of like we used to do while looking out the back window of the car on long car trips to provoke other drivers on the highway. Oh, the nostalgia.

    So who comes to a fun downtown art happening like this? Well, Guest of a Guest of course…and a few other staples like visage de Burberry and Armani Agyness Deyn, fashion world staple Diane Pernet, uber-fab designer Keith Lissner, QuestforIT blogger Tia Williams, Burlesque Dancer Lainie Dalby (wearing an amazing cardboard cut out of an Italian Drag Queen on top of her bun on her head), photog of some of the most famous faces Miguel Villalobos, PR Emperor Kristian LaLiberte, Trend Predictor Kim Bates, Events Planner Extraordinaire Nick Dietz, Photographer & artist Neil Rasmus, Beauty Go-to-Guy Douglas Marshall, and hip PMC photg David X Prutting.

    All in all, this event was a perfect ten (inches)…!!!

    Post written by Single Threat