Lulu Frost Is Just The Icing On Lisa Salzer's Cake

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · August 1, 2008

    lulu frostWhere do I begin? There was a young lady named Lisa Salzer who went to Dartmouth College and as a senior, while everyone else was blowing off work in favor of partying, she was becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own jewelry line. But don’t worry; she had fun during senior year too! Better yet, she’s having even more fun now as her jewelry line, Lulu Frost, takes off.

    Lisa is what I would term an “envisionist”: someone who takes things that others might not picture together or fitting together, and takes them and creates a masterpiece. lulu frostImagine old charms from different periods, watches with no hands, and a bead here and there affixed whimsically to a couple of chains of varying thickness and different lengths. This is a necklace, and in my opinion, an iconic piece of Lulu Frost Jewelry. This is when Jewelry becomes art.

    Lisa’s pieces are elegant and inventive with a vibe of je ne sais quoi. I get the sense that inspiration comes from worlds away, or a place that has never been seen but we all hope exists. Perhaps, a place where only Lulu can reach and then she brings her inspiration back to us. The result: Amazing earings, necklaces, and bracelets with a cult following of people like Cate Blanchette or Ashely Judd and of course, New York’s social elite.

    Lisa Salzer, Lulu FrostOn Wednesday night, Lisa threw a bash to celebrate “Summer in the City” at her chic Lafayette Street Lulu Frost showroom. With the help of her pals Elettra Wiedemann and Alexis Bryan Morgan, they put on one of the best parties of the summer. The fun and friendly crowd of recognizable faces enjoyed the music of Chino Pons and his Cuban quartet as they sipped cuba libres, nacionals and palomas. The vibe was so fitting for everything Lulu Frost stands for and the little fortune cookies as party favors were mucho appreciated. My fortune was right on the money: “Everyone Agrees, you are the Best”. Yea, I get it!

    Lisa Salzer, Elettra Wiedemann and Alexis Bryan Morgan were gracious hostesses as they entertained the likes of Erin Fetherston, Luigi Tadini, Chau Ngo, Keith Lissner, Carter Cramer, Leah Bourne, David Gruning, Ashley Wick, Mickey Boardman, David X Prutting, Lyle Maltz, Derek Blasberg, Carole Radziwill, Hedi Ferjani, Jennifer Salzer, Linda Salzer, Peter Salzer, Federico Peltretti, Jennifer Lynn, Lesley Blume and Kate Etter.

    [Last photo via OhJoy!]