You Don't Need A Date To Rock Taryn Winters' Luxury Lingerie

by Stephanie Maida · February 14, 2020

    If you're like me - and, let's face it, most women - you probably have an underwear drawer packed with comfy everyday-wear, sports bras, practical things that won't look weird or ride up while you're out living your life. Somewhere towards the back, there's the "special occasion" pile - a handful of sheer, lacy, completely unrealistic things you're not even exactly sure how to put on properly, which you were pressured into buying by a Victoria's Secret employee. There might even be a matching set back there that you only put on if you expect someone might see it later.

    But, thankfully, the times they are a-changin'. More and more lingerie brands are combining the comfort you love with the confidence-boosting, totally sexy designs of the skivvies you usually reserve for date night. And forget about the male gaze - these undergarments only need to be seen by you (but no judgement if you send out a few sultry selfies).

    That's the idea behind Taryn Winters' namesake line of luxury lingerie, which, just in time for V-Day, has partnered with Journelle on a gorgeous capsule collection, a rosy dream of delicate yet supportive pieces you definitely don't need a date to rock.

    Dancer-turned-designer Winters knows a thing or two about needing movable garments that also look good - her pieces are inspired by her days on stage, while celebrating the feminine form. 

    Read on to meet Taryn, and if you're looking for a way to treat your damn self, shop the collection HERE!

    Your first career was in dancing and performing arts. What made you turn to fashion, and more specifically, lingerie? 

    While I was in the performing arts I started helping out in the wardrobe department and fell in love with the costumes. I specifically remember the “Spanish” tutu from our annual performance of The Nutcracker and being completely obsessed with it. It wasn’t only gorgeous but I loved that by simply by putting it on the dancer was immediately transformed into character. I discovered that one's imagination could be sparked and stories could be told through beautiful clothing. This is what made me fall in love with couture fashion. I studied lingerie for the corsetry skills and understanding of fit. I felt there was space in the lingerie world for my brand and vision. 

    Does your background in the performing arts influence your designs?

    Completely! From simply finding inspiration in my favorite pieces to the actual foundation of the Taryn Winters brand, my designs are all a tribute to the performing arts. My higher-end pieces that are hand beaded on fine French lace are reminiscent of the headpieces and jewel-encrusted bodices I loved so much. My foundational pieces that are for everyday wear are as practical and comfortable - yet as feminine and stylish - as the leotards we all lived in during class and rehearsal. At the same time, classical training in dance encourages individuality and personal expression through movement, which inform the aesthetic and foundation of my lingerie.

    There's a shift happening in the lingerie industry: women want undergarments marketed towards them - not men. How has your brand approached this?

    Yes, I love this shift! Lingerie is for women! I have always felt this way. I design for women, not men, to create lingerie that feels amazing on their skin and looks truly beautiful on a woman's body. But when it comes to marketing, I think the most important thing is imagery. My photographer Becky Siegel and I work really closely to make sure the images are elegant, strong, beautiful, and most important, tasteful. Nothing is being "served up" or aimed to get the attention of men. We try to capture and promote the different shapes of the female form and the lines the lingerie creates with her body. The images are not meant to sexualize women and are not really targeted to men at all.

    I love that your pieces are still sexy. Even if women aren't showing it off to someone, why should we dress up when dressing down?

    I really believe we dress from the inside out. You feel different wearing special undergarments. And that doesn't have to mean the full set, garter belt and stockings. Simply by putting on a bra that fits you properly and feels great on your skin, or perhaps a matching bra and panty set, you will notice the difference regardless of what you wear over it.

    How did your line with Journelle come about? How did you approach the collection?

    Journelle actually approached us with the idea of doing an exclusive V-Day collection. One of my best selling styles is the Kelani, a soft sheer Italian tulle demi with contrasting elastic straps. I always play with new color combinations and when they chose this style for the collection it was really fun to design for something so specific and overtly Valentine’s Day-inspired.

    Do you have a favorite piece?

    The high-waisted panty is my favorite piece from the collection. It plays with the idea of "colourclash" mixing red with hot pink together in a fun retro style. The high-waisted pants are a trend that is sticking around and this style is perfect for underneath with a little extra support in the front panel of the panty. I also love that for a style that is generally focused on more coverage, the sheerness keeps it fresh and exciting.