Meet Maddy Ritholz, The Young Designer Making Vintage-Inspired Purses For The Modern Lady

by Christie Grimm · December 28, 2020

    Is being able to find a chic, timeless, affordable handbag that Audrey Hepburn or Carrie Bradshaw totally would have worn too much to ask for? Well, thanks to Maddy Ritholz, it's not!

    Maddy's newly launched brand MR Label is every stylish metropolitan girl's dream. We're talking the most delightfully modern mix of satin, pearls, ruffles, metal chains and more. A sophisticated collection of accessories that could totally pass as vintage finds, each sure to be the stylish stamp that pulls even the most casual look together.

    Curious how this recent college grad came to start this sure-to-be cult favorite label?

    How did you come about the idea for MR Label?
    I have always known that I wanted to start my own business and that I want to work in fashion. I was originally inspired to start a business like MR Label when I was abroad in Europe walking around the Marais district of Paris with some friends. We went into a vintage shop and I bought a 30 euro vintage bag that ended up being one of my favorite accessories. I constantly asked myself, why can I only find affordable, cute bags in hole-in-the-wall markets and vintage stores? 

    Fast forward a year, and 2020 hits, AKA the worst year in history. Having just graduated college, entering the fashion industry seemed like a daunting task. Nonetheless, I kept thinking back to my vintage bag from Paris and my desire to find similar bags in contemporary brands. The concept for MR Label came to fruition. I started planning in July and launched for pre-order in November. 

    How would you describe the brand's style?
    I think MR Label bags are just so fun. The concept behind the bags is to add a special pop to any outfit to make it look extra stylish. I play around with chic, bold colors and customers can mix and match the different chains. The style inspiration comes from vintage bags and then I add on my own modern twist. 

    Any metropolitan girl can throw on a MR Label bag to bring her outfit to the next level. The bags can be dressed up or down. The goal is for the wearer to feel confident and stylish by adding a MR label bag to her outfit as she walks out the door. 

    Who are your personal style icons?
    Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City will always be my all-time style icon. She was so fearless in her style choices and has so many iconic looks that people still reference 20 years later. I picture MR Label customers just like her - fashionable and always out and about in the city. Plus, I have so much respect for anyone who can pull off an evening gown for a casual dinner like Carrie does. Some of my style icons from today are Bella Hadid, Paige Desorbo and Negin Mirsalehi. I love everything they wear.  

    What are five things a modern metropolitan lady should always have in her bag?
    Bandaids (because cute shoes can be painful), Glossier Balm Dotcom, concealer, sunglasses, and an on-the-go snack. 

    Who would you die to have carry one of your bags?
    Emily Weiss. I really admire how she built Glossier and runs it today. As a young entrepreneur, seeing her with my product would be amazing. 

    If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?
    Pink. I know black would be easiest, but I am always drawn to pink. It’s so feminine and fun. I might look crazy in an all-pink outfit, but that’s ok with me. There will definitely be pink in MR Label’s future. 

    Pearls or metal chains?
    As much as I love the metal chains, I have to go with pearls. 

    Which do you prefer: dressing up or dressing down?
    I’ve been dreaming of dressing up for months! The next time I get to wear a dress, heels, and a MR Label bag out will be a very good day. 

    What are your biggest fashion pet peeves?
    You will never see me in neon. It was trendy about a year or so ago and I could not stand it, I can’t really explain why. Even though I incorporate fun colors into MR Label, neons colors will not be included. 

    What makes something timeless to you?
    Whenever I get that feeling when I see something in a store or online and I just love it so much that I have to have it, I know that I will love it forever. It could be anything - a purse, shoes, a dress. Every once in a while I see something and know it represents my personal style perfectly. 

    For example, I have these white mule open-toe heels with a chunky pearl heel. I think I gasped when I saw them. I wear them all the time every summer and have had them for years. That effect of loving a piece so much from the beginning just doesn’t fade for me. 

    What does your dream night out on the town look like, and what would you wear?
    This is something I have been dreaming about a lot while sitting at home! It would definitely be a full night with my girlfriends. We would go out to dinner at 12 Chairs Cafe then walk over to get cocktails somewhere like Dante before meeting people out. What I would do to be in a crowded bar right now! 

    I love to wear a simple outfit and a ton of fun accessories. I would wear a black short slip dress with kitten heels, fun hoops, layered necklaces and a MR Label Siena bag with a short pearl chain. 

    What are you most excited for next?
    I cannot wait for Summer 2021. I am bringing MR Label to the Hamptons with a popup.  A lot of my inspiration for MR Label’s Summer 2021 collection comes from the Hamptons vibe and aesthetic. Details have just been finalized for the collection and I won’t give everything away yet, but there will be new colors, materials, and styles perfect for summer out East. 

    I’m optimistic that life will finally begin to normalize by then. I think everyone will have such positive energies as we finally leave the home. People will start trading in their sweats for dresses, and what goes better with a summer dress than a MR Label bag! 

    [Photos courtesy MR Label]