Step Into The Chic, Rose-Colored World Of Boston Fashionista Maeve Stier

by Christie Grimm · February 22, 2021

    Scrolling through Maeve Stier's Instagram is basically like stepping into a fashion fairytale. Her passion for pink, her très chic apartment, her penchant for just lounging around in fabulous ball gowns. Honestly, it's impossible not to feel sartorially inspired!

    Curious to learn more about the Boston blogger? We caught up Maeve to chat everything from photo filters to fashion pet peeves!

    Where are you from originally?
    I grew up in Cape Elizabeth, a small town on the coast of southern Maine.

    What's the best thing about living in Boston?
    I think Boston is the most European city I've found in the states. It also combines the city lifestyle that I loved when I lived in NYC with beautiful historic neighborhoods. 

    Walking around Back Bay and Beacon Hill is always a highlight of my day.

    What made you decide to get your MBA at Boston College?
    BC's program allowed me to stay in Boston (the city I love!) and offers a huge emphasis on community, along with small class sizes and programs/coursework very relevant to my interests (entrepreneurship & digital marketing). 

    How has school been during the pandemic?
    It's been a very bizarre first year, but my class has adjusted well to the challenges and changes brought by the pandemic. I'm hoping my second year will be much more normal!

    How did you first decide to start a blog?
    I was living in NYC right out of college and I was seeking a creative outlet. I ended up meeting and befriending so many creative people - artists, bloggers, photographers - and things just naturally took off from there.

    What's your photo editing secret to get that perfect rosy hue?
    I take most photos on my phone and then run them through my own Lightroom presets to adjust colors, brightness, etc. After that, I always finish editing my photos in the VSCO app with a little bit of the C6 filter. That final filter addition makes all the tones similar across my photos, which is a big reason why they all look cohesive.

    How would you describe your style?
    Feminine, romantic, and dreamy.

    What's your biggest fashion pet peeve?
    I think it's easy to get too caught up in trends! I'm far more interested in seeing someone showcase a specific, curated style.

    Does it take you long to decide on an outfit?
    Not at all! I've spent years creating a closet that reflects my style, so on a day-to-day basis it's not hard to reach in and grab something I love.

    If you had to commit fully to one color other than pink, what would it be?
    Does white count? I love an all-white look. 

    Otherwise, I'm also a big fan of baby blue hues.

    What's your favorite item of clothing that you bought this past year?
    Either this dressthis dress, or these shoes

    That's the most I can narrow it down!

    What are your go-to shops and brands?
    For everyday pieces: Revolve, Shopbop/Amazon Fashion, H&M, & Other Stories, and ASOS. 

    For special occasions/splurges: LoveShackFancy, Needle & Thread, Zimmermann, Intermix, Selkie, and Cinq a Sept.

    What's your design inspiration for your new apartment?
    Dreamy, Parisian design. With both my new apartment and my previous studio, I paid a lot of attention to the bones of the space, seeking apartments that had classic French elements (crown moulding, floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, fireplaces, chandeliers, etc). 

    Finding the space is half the battle - after that, I love balancing a few standout decor pieces (like an emerald velvet couch or a 9-foot tall mirror) with more simple black & white furniture and decor.

    What's an easy way anyone can upgrade their home decor?
    Try swapping out little decorative elements (like the pieces on your dresser or coffee table) and sticking with a set color scheme. I love finding new and inexpensive decorative objects (like vases, bookends, candles, and coffee table books) from my local HomeGoods.

    What's the least dreamy part of your day?
    Probably when I'm doing homework! My MBA program is very demanding, so a lot of my time is spent sitting at my desk studying or getting schoolwork done.

    What's one thing you have far too many of?
    Dresses - but I promise, I wear them all!

    What are you most excited for next?
    I can't wait until my apartment finally feels "finished" and decorated. Besides that, I'm really looking forward to traveling again once it's safe and COVID-19 is behind us.

    [Photos via @maevestier]