Making Fashion Your Own

by Rachelle Hruska · July 15, 2008

    fame game eventI am the furthest thing from a fashion expert. I hate shopping and am even worse at planning outfits in advance (which makes me have to get tres creative esp on vacations or out east). One thing I am well aware of is it's not always the clothes that make the woman, as our hamptons site claims...rather, it's the woman (or man for that matter) that make the clothes. Two things are more important to looking good than the brand you're wearing: being physically fit and having confidence....well actually three, as the third one involves being creative:

    Last week, at the Fame Game event, I had so many compliments on my outfit. Imagine my surprise: it wasn't a Keith Lissner original, or even a Barney's bought duo, it was a skirt from H&M that I ripped so that there were separate layers, and a sequined tank that I had received as a gift 7 years ago from my sister who had bought it off a vendor in the streets in Rome. The total outfit was less than $150 (and would have been less than $50 were it not for the shoes. There was also this fishing lure belt designed last weekend...see, fashion can be fun even for the unfashionable.

    [This World Really Is Ours]