Making Things Easier

by guestofaguest · September 7, 2007


    Jezebel, Gawker's hot sister site is just trying to make lives a little bit easier each day.  For instance, just yesterday they were standing outside the tents at Bryant Park handing out barf bags.  This is awesome.  Seriously, let's all stop being naive here...Models make themselves throw up.  A lot.  And they are not going to be stopping any time soon.  And let's all just cut them some slack okay? I mean besides having to parade down a catwalk in front of hundreds of flashing bulbs in mammoth heels they are exhausted, underfed, and underpaid in most cases.  So...if they are going to have to puke to make a living, they might as well have a fresh bag and a box of tic tacs on us Jezebel.