Day Two

by guestofaguest · September 6, 2007

    olivia Well we were already prepared for the socialites to come out if full glory for fashion week.  What we weren't prepared for is that they would find the need to blog about it.  First Tinsley, now Olivia Palmero and Fabian Basabe have joined the blogging world.

    It is starting to become quite a messy little fashion week.  Everybody knows that the shows aren't even the most exciting events of the week, its the parties.  With the cabs on strike last night, it was hard getting around.  Here was a run-down of the party list:

    Rock and Republic party at Conde Nast

    Hilfilger party at MoMa

    Calvin Klein party at flagship store

    Pete Wentz's Party at Tenjune

    Anybody else think it's funny that people start DYING to get into clubs such as Tenjune just because it's fashion week when last weekend they wouldn't have even thought about standing 10 feet outside tese places? Tonight is going to be even bigger....stay tuned