Shangri-la set to cast it’s spell over Manhattan

by guestofaguest · September 6, 2007


    Why is this girl so happy?  Probably because she knows that her people are smarter than us.  The Chinese, no Asians in general, really have their shit together.  They work hard, have great skin, and their Religions don't center around virgin births.  They are also good hosts.  This is why the luxury hotel chain Shangri-la has been such as success in major cities in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.  Well Asians are smart too (just look at any ivy leagues graduating class).  They know a good opportunity when they see it, which is why the Shangri-la chain has decided to branch out.  By 2010 they will have luxury hotels in place in Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York (as well as Paris and London).   The hotel they are set to open in New York on 53rd street (between Park and Lexington) they got Aby Rosen (of Gramercy Hotel fame) to back.  They have architect Lord Norman Foster to design the place that will also include 17 high end residential condos, and they are set to be the tallest hotel in the city. 

    The Shangri-la got its name from James Hilton's legendary novel "Lost Horizon" about the tranquil haven in the mountains of Tibet that cast a spell on all who resided there.  With the "Best that 2010 has to offer" at their new hotel, we hope that their spell is not lost on Manhattan.  They are, it seems, also smart marketers.  But, here's where we caught their true inner geniuses shine:  on their website for the hotel they mention it to be 64 stories high.  We know, from a direct source at ING (the company running the deal) that it will be 66 stories high.  What better way to ASSURE you will be the highest hotel when completed.  You've got to admit, these Asians are smart cookies.